Caramel Wood Flooring – an Absolute Classic Choice

Haro-plank-parquet-AshCaramel hardwood floors actually is a complete classic option when you are re-flooring a room. Yes, fashion brings us blacks, whites and greys, but there is no getting away from the fact that wood is traditionally brownish in its own natural state. Whether it’s so light brown that it is almost off-white so dim that it is almost black; brown is the colour that organic timber falls into.

For those that desire real warmth and appeal in their area a fantastic wood flooring choice is caramel. In reality, it’s such a fantastic choice, that we would safely say that in the event that you make this decision, not only will you not regret it, but you won’t locate it going out of fashion either.

So just what do we mean by caramel hardwood flooring?

Below are some great collections which will reveal to you what we mean, and will almost certainly encourage you to dig deeper onto the idea of the caramel classic.

Brown wood floors

You’d be forgiven for believing that brown hardwood floors is a very small bit dull. However, when you look at this assortment of brownish hardwood floors , you will see that it is far from dull. With everything from hot caramel tones to profound caramel, there really is something for everybody. There’s a multi coloured caramel herringbone layout, which will lift even the humblest of distances into a completely different level. With actual texture and thickness, these floors are a terrific way to heat up a chilly atmosphere room or to add actual homeliness that has been missing up till today.

Engineered wood floors

Another very caramel”flavoured” wood flooring option is this assortment of smoked Vinylwood flooring. With everything from light caramel through to dark and interesting solutions, this wood flooring collection again has something for everybody. Whether your home is calling out to get a UV lacquered end or a brushed and UV oiled finish, you are certain to find something to indicate your boxes here.

Reclaimed wood floors

And last, but by no means least, if you believed Starbucks was the only location where you could like a caramel laced coffee, it is time to think again. The Wood and Beyond java bamboo wood flooring range which it is possible to find here’s caramel tones galore. Once again, with everything from light, honey caramel, through to dark, nearly treacle caramel, you’ll discover a fantastic choice of finishes, board widths and thicknesses. What this signifies is that in the event that you own caramel on your horizon, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for.

As you can see, in Wood and Beyond, when our customers express a taste we like to go as far as we possibly can to deliver what they want and hopefully a whole lot more. But if you’ve looked and do not see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to ask for what you want. We’ve got new stock arriving daily and we might have just what you’re looking for, but you simply mightn’t have spotted it yet. Get in touch with us, chat with us on live chat on the website, email us or return to our Golders Green showroom — the choice is yours — either way it’d be good to hear from you.


Caramel Wood Flooring – an Absolute Classic Choice

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